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gids Brugge in de winter S-wan

Bruges in the winter

gids Brugge in de zomer S-wan

Bruges in the summer

Bruges is a city that immediately grabs every visitor. A city on a human scale and never to be fully explored. Grown up by its history and awarded the Unesco label as a World Heritage City. Medieval mysterious, exuberant Burgundian and a world city for centuries.

Anyone who walks through the streets of Bruges now sees themselves as being back in time in many places. This feeling, complemented by the wonderful Burgundian life known in Bruges, ensures that tourists have a great time in Bruges.

Anyone walking through the streets of Bruges today feels as if they have been thrown back in time in many places. And S-wan lets you discover this city in a surprising way. What are you waiting for to book your tour of Bruges?