Surprising ingredients for a city break with style!

Our story

2006. Geert and Kurt, two young city guides from Bruges, join forces. They spin their way out of the straitjacket of the “classic city walk”. For the first time, visitors will get to see more of Bruges than just the traditional spots between Market Square and the Burg. Their “Special Walks” (“S-wan” in other words) are engaging themed walks for a wide audience, seeking out Bruges’ surprising nooks and crannies and stories.

Bruges today

The Market and the Burg are still there, but so are a lot more. Our 50 official and local city guides love Bruges’ heritage and want to show it to the widest possible audience. We are engaged by Tourism Bruges and numerous heritage partners. A playful and interesting walk as a first introduction to Bruges or an immersion in its rich past and present. S-wan has a suitable walk for everyone. Explore the themes and choose the walk that best suits your group.