Handmade in Bruges

Bruges was, and still is, a city of inspirational ‘makers’ – and we’d love to introduce you to some of the best ones! In the popular mind, Bruges is usually associated with the craft skills of the past, but our city still serves as a home base for many modern-day craftsmen, designers and artisanal entrepreneurs. These have been brought together in Handmade in Bruges, a project developed in collaboration with the City of Bruges. The project programme fuses handmade design with creative entrepreneurship in a city full of culture. Although the S-wan guides will explain the link with the past, the floor is largely given over to the craftsmen of today in their workshops, where they will tell you about the creative process and their quest for the perfect masterpiece.

In association with the City of Bruges and Handmade in Bruges.

This walk is completely custom-made and takes into account the opening hours of workshops and the number of visitors they can accommodate. Needs to be requested 6 weeks in advance.

Price: 90 euros per group <20 pers. + workshop acces fee.
Duration: 2 hours

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