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S-wan seasons in the spotlight (showcase)

S-wan proposes a special walk each season. Can only be booked now.

Britannica Walk: A guided tour of Bruges and its visiting Britons

A local certified guide takes you through the streets of medieval Bruges and shows you its intimate treasures. A stressless walk along the canals and pleasing squares of this charming place. Discover the must-see monuments and its former inhabitants, their ambitions, success or disappointments. But that’s not all, this walk also tells you the stories … Continued

Culinary Walk

In medieval times, the streets and squares of Bruges formed a giant open-air market. During this walk, we stroll from marketplace to marketplace, allowing ourselves be seduced along the way by various appetizers from local traders. This fascinating food story is told and tasted by an honest (and hungry) S-wan guide! Start: Historium (Markt 1) … Continued

The best of Bruges

Your first time in Bruges? In just one hour you can get to know the inner city’s main highlights. Or did you think that the many millions of tourists each year only came for the beer, lace and chocolate? Start: Historium Price: 75 Euros per group < 20 persons Duration: 1 hour

Dark nights

There is also a darker side to Bruges’ past. Go on a fun but scary trip with your S-wan guide through narrow alleys and listen to stories about bears, werewolves and strange pie bakers! Start: Historium Price: 75 Euros per group < 20 persons Duration: 1 hour

Tour d’Amour

The capital of romance. Bruges and its Minnewater (Lover’s Lake). Bruges and its loyal swans. The ideal setting for your wedding pictures! Grab your partner by the hand and enjoy that warm, gooey feeling inside. Bruges really gets under your romantic skin! Start: Historium Price: 75 Euros per group < 20 persons Duration: 1 hour

Burgundian Bruges

The people of Bruges are Burgundians. During the 15th century, the dukes of Burgundy ruled over large stretches Europe from their palaces in the city. Their great power went hand in hand with displays of great wealth and splendour. These themes will be explored in and around the ‘Historium’ experience centre, where we will discover … Continued

Choc! Around the Clock!

The Bruges chocolate landscape is rich and diverse.
 One hour is just enough to visit several of its characteristic artisanal chocolate stores and taste the ‘black gold’ for yourself. Nine out of every ten people say they love chocolate – and the tenth one is lying! Start: Historium Price: 75 Euros per group < 20 … Continued

21st century architecture

Bruges is changing all the time. Although the historic centre is known for its magnificent medieval buildings, a new architectonic wind can nonetheless be felt blowing through various streets and around hidden corners. Some residents of Bruges are against this trend; others encourage it. The guide will shows you several surprising construction projects completed during … Continued

Green Bruges

Hidden amongst its fine buildings, Bruges also has several equally fine parks. During this refreshing tour, you will discover more about these green oases in the heart of the city. A guide will take you along dusty paths to the often deserted greenery of the city parks: the real Bruges – without tourists. Start: In … Continued

The Bear is Loose

In the paw-steps of Bruges’ most famous inhabitant, we will delve into the secrets of the inner city and meet the colourful inhabitants of ancient Bruges. Who lived in our medieval city and what did they do? Who was the count and who was a farmer? Who took care of the poor and the sick? … Continued

Strong women

Some women transcend the conventions of rank and status to leave their mark on history. The guide will introduce you to some of Bruges’ most intriguing and enterprising females. An artist, a politician and a woman of the people: these are just some of the characters you will meet at surprising locations, as you delve … Continued

Bruges, city of water

Bruges is not only known as the Venice of the North because of its romantic atmosphere. The city is also criss-crossed by the Reie, a natural river that helped Bruges to become the commercial centre of Western Europe in the Middle Ages. Join our expedition along the peaceful Bryggia canals to Bruges-la-Morte and be introduced, … Continued

God&#8217;s punishment

Hopefully, we are all feeling fit and well. But even when we aren’t, we know that there are medical facilities that can help us. But this hasn’t always been the case. Although there were already several hospitals in Bruges during the Middle Ages, sick people were practically doomed to die. We explore the hospitals of … Continued

From ter Beurze to Wall Street

Join our S-wan guides and follow in the footsteps of international merchants and bankers from 15th century Bruges, which at that time was the jewel in the Burgundian crown. This walk delves into the city’s monetary and commercial past: ‘nation houses’, patrician mansions, banks and inns. From Huis Ter Beurze to what was then World … Continued

Handmade in Bruges

Bruges was, and still is, a city of inspirational ‘makers’ – and we’d love to introduce you to some of the best ones! In the popular mind, Bruges is usually associated with the craft skills of the past, but our city still serves as a home base for many modern-day craftsmen, designers and artisanal entrepreneurs. … Continued

Unesco walk

The residents of Bruges are fortunate enough to live in a unique place. Between 1998 and 2009, the Beguinage, the Belfry, the entire historic city centre and the Procession of the Holy Blood were all classified as items of UNESCO World Heritage. A great honour, to be sure, but Bruges is so much more than … Continued

Nibble Walk

Bruges for sweet tooths: ‘kletskoppen’, ‘nunnebillen’, ‘mokken’ and other tasty local confectionery delights. The guide selects for you a number of Belgian and Bruges nibbles and serves them up in a sweet sauce of legends and anecdotes. Finger-licking good! Start: In&Uit (‘t Zand 34) Price: 90 euros per group <20 pers. + 25 euros per … Continued

Beer from the Bear

Beer from the Bruges Bear, a beer tasting walk accompanied by a local guide, who will tell you with great enthusiasm all about the Bruges bear and the city’s beer history. Naturally, the experience would not be complete without several tastings! For the hop-loving gourmets among you. Start: Historium (Markt 1) Price: 140 euros per … Continued

Choc! Around the Clock! Deluxe

Fancy a little bit of heavenly sin? Then let yourself be tempted by our choc walk. During this walk, your taste buds will be pampered with the most delicious chocolate treats. Not only the chocolate products, but also the entire chocolate concept will be explained from top to bottom: store appearance, window display, artisanal and … Continued

Human rights walk

On 10 December 1948, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted by the United Nations. Even today, it still serves as a moral and legal standard for the world. S-wan guides you through cosmopolitan Bruges, making use along the way of actual themes to illustrate the long and often difficult process to have these … Continued