Hopefully we are all in good health! Even though we may fall ill now and then; if it goes wrong there are always facilities to help us. Once it has been otherwise: in the middle Ages, there were certainly a number of hospitals in the city but who fell seriously ill could actually forget it. Any serious illness was fatal… On our walk through town we discover the then existing hospitals, talk about the treatments, the surgeon, the reception of patients with leprosy, the sick of the plague, “dull” and fools. We will discover the evolution towards the twentieth century through almshouses and passage houses, the first pharmacy, the first gynaecologist, the first midwives and the first maternity hospital. Perhaps we end with a recipe for a syrup drink from the pharmacy sister Eleanor or maybe you might prefer a rather healthy “English sandwich”? We wish you an excellent health. The walk can be supplemented with a visit to the “Memling” Museum in the St. John’s hospital.

Start: Central station
Finish: Museum "musuem Memling in Sint-Jan"
Time: 2 hours
Price: Price List
Min. 2 / Max. 20 persons per group.
With museum
Price: Price list + entrance
Time: 75 min.

Max. 15 personnes, NOT ON MONDAYS.



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